Regulation Updates
Security Features at The Pakubuwono Signature


  1. Identifications/Access Cards covering parking entrance and exit gates, all private passenger and service lifts and all other entrances/exits to the Common Areas, all monitored by trained security personnel in the central control room
  2. Wedge Barrier for security and access control
  3. 24-Hour emergency services (first-aid, medical and ambulance, fire brigade)
  4. Periodic tests of security measures, fire drills and regular inspections of fire prevention and emergency equipment by the Security Department
  5. 24-Hour security surveillance with CCTV cameras covering all gates, parking entrances/exits, elevator landings, Common Areas and service entrances
  6. 24-Hour visitor registration at the entry gate, drop-off point and all lobbies
  7. Uniformed security personnel
  8. Periodic emergency drills including evacuation
  9. Maintenance of detailed logs and incident reports
  10. 24-Hour videophone from the lobby reception to the respective Unit and vice versa
  11. Double private lifts direct from lobby to the Unit
  12. Fire fighting equipment such as Breathing Apparatus, Fire Jacket, Variable Nozzle, etc. are provided as parts of the supporting rescue equipment